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Who is Baja Trans?

Established since 1982, BAJA TRANS has been known as a reliable company in all matters of land transportation on the island of Java – Bali, all logistics matters in Indonesia from national coverage to export and import abroad.

BAJA TRANS is able to survive and grow, thanks to the fundamental values ​​instilled by our founders. It’s not enough to get something from point A to point B, we strive to provide an unparalleled service. We look for innovative and reliable solutions that can be integrated efficiently and sustainably for all of our business partners.

BAJA TRANS serves transportation needs to customers by offering various solutions for reliable transportation needs (on-time delivery) and from all levels of customer business, both small and large scale businesses. Winning the trust to provide the best solution for the transportation needs of customers is an honor and pride for BAJA TRANS.

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Our Vision & Mission

  • Fast ServiceTo Build BajaTrans and to excel in the transportation sector by understanding various customer needs, and come up with the best solution for business or individual customers.
  • 100% AccuracyWe always settle for the satisfaction of our customers both from Services, Claims & Insurance, Security and Quality, Consulting, Solutions for one of your business logistics support
  • Manage and ReportA team of professionals in their fields according to their capacity and specialists to manage manifests or goods that you entrust to us with reports that are always up to date for our customers.

We focus on you.
Everything we do is amied at your satisfaction.

To Build BajaTrans and to excel in the transportation sector by understanding various customer needs, and come up with the best solution for business or individual customers.

Regardless of your industry, your commodity, or your key markets, BAJA TRANS has solutions that offer both small and large businesses the opportunity to grow. We serve our customers with frequent departures on all major trade lanes and inland services for a true end-to-end experience.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.

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Take a tour and see how the greatest logistic company in Indonesian works

Baja Trans is changing the way people think about conventional logistic business that generically serve delivery / transportation, this change takes a state of the art technology, serious investment and talent from our people, our founders and our customer’s open mind. Watch an introduction of who we are and what we do from our profile video below.

Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace & Defense industry requires innovative supply chain solutions for their unique demands.


Our worldwide network for procurement, distribution and aftermarket logistics ensures your components and vehicles.

Oil & Gas

When it comes to managing the logistics of oil and gas, safety and efficiency are the greatest concerns.

Baja Trans fuels innovation that moves our customers and industry forward – by actively engaging in innovative networks such as the International Data Space Association, IDG

Why customers love us

We are passionate about customers

Logistics, a leading global asset-light supply chain management company, designs and implements industry-leading solutions for large and medium-sized national and multinational companies. Baja Trans serves more than 100 customers by providing effective and strong supply chain solutions domestically and in various countries.

Sea, air freight is fast moving, challenging and constantly changing – that is the nature of the business. Worldwide capacity and demand can change in an instant.